Thursday, 22 July 2010

A Pheasant

I’ve been charged with keeping this blog for our publishing company, but before we get down to business there’s something I’d like to clear up. While it’s not entirely relevant to the company, I have no other blog and this seems like a good way of getting answers. I’ve yet to hear back from the RSPB, but if anyone has any further information please do let me know.

22nd July 2010

Dear Royal Society for the Protection of Birds,

This morning I was making coffee in my kitchen when I happened to gaze out the window and noticed, on the little brown wall separating the downstairs garden from our right-hand neighbours, a pheasant. It did nothing more than stand there and – certain that I’d good and seen it – fly off. But I’ve lived in North London for years and while I’ve seen plenty of rats – perhaps thousands – the notion of a pheasant making itself known in this or any surrounding area is surely the stuff of Grimm.

Perhaps you can explain to me what business a pheasant has marauding outside my North London window? As a former keen birdwatcher I’m sure there has been some mistake. I only ask because I fear for the safety of a pheasant in this fox-heavy borough.

Best wishes,

P Chianta